Why are you showing historic listings attached to properties?

A 'For Sale' or 'To Rent' property listing will only become historical if the advertising estate agent marks the property as sold/let or removes the listing from our database completely. 

Our system will then automatically move it onto our 'House prices' section as an archived listing based on matching of the sets of address data we have in the system.

The reason for this feature is that Zoopla is a property website which provides information and tools to give our users an advantage in the property market. Our aim is to create a transparent marketplace and we believe that information should be free and easily accessible to everyone. 

However, this archival 'For sale' or 'To rent' information provided to us via estate agents can be removed at your request. Should you wish to have it deleted or if any information is incorrect, please do let us know by filling out the Contact Us form and we will investigate accordingly.