How do I refine my property search and filter my results?

Once you have got your property results for your specified area, you can choose a property type you are interested in by selecting the appropriate option in the 'Property type' drop down menu at the top of the page, e.g. Houses, Flats, Farms. 

If you, for example, select 'Houses', you may then further filter your results by clicking on the 'Filter results' menu (just above the property listings) and choosing the exact property type you want, e.g. Detached, Semi-detached, Terraced, Bungalow, etc. You can also choose various property features, select a preferable ownership type and tick the ‘non-retirement’ option which should exclude all home-for-life properties.

You can further refine your property search in our 'For sale' or 'To rent' listings by using our features as well as keywords filter to search for properties that include specific words e.g. garden. You can also search for exact phrases by using quotation marks e.g. "detached bungalow", or to exclude a term you can prefix it with '-' e.g. -pets. 

The keyword searches check the text/description of every advertised property as it is provided to us by the estate agents and display all matching results. Thus, for example, if the word 'pets' is included somewhere in the description of a property containing the 'no pets allowed' phrase, then that property will also be included in your search results and property alerts (if you used it as a keyword).